Da ich natürlich das SFTP Plugin (noch in einer alten Version!) genutzt habe, ist mir erst heute aufgefallen dass eine überarbeitete Version gibt. Aber nicht nur dass dies Plugin neu und auch überarbeitet ist, es bietet auch neu Funktionen die ich beim alten Plugin schmerzlich vermisst habe.

Weitere Infos zum Update findet ihr hier:


Supported functions:
– new in 2.20: Transfer files >2GB also via SCP, added by forum user “CoolWater”
– new in 2.10: Keep alive option by forum user “CoolWater”
– new in 2.00: No extra dlls needed on Windows Vista, 7 or newer
– new in 1.30: 64-bit: Load dlls from subdir ’64’ under dll dir or program dir, same as where TC x64 expects the 64-bit SSL dlls
– new in 1.20: 64-bit: Load dlls from subdir ‘x64’ under dll dir or program dir
– new in 1.10: Allow to store proxy password in password manager
– new in 1.10: Support for multiple firewalls/proxies
– new in 0.98: Alt+Enter uses “ls -la” if “stat” fails
– new in 0.98: Empty password now possible
– new in 0.98: SCP downloads handles spaces in names
– new in 0.97: Support for asynchronous SCP downloads
– new in 0.97: Support for Putty Agent (Pageant) authentication
– new in 0.95: Support for transfers in background (separate thread) for TC 7.55
– new in 0.94: Unicode support with TC 7.5
– new in 0.94: Support different server encodings
– connect with username/password
– connect with an SSH2 client certificate
– connect over a HTTP proxy supporting the CONNECT command
– connect over a SOCKS4, SOCKS4A or SOCKS5 proxy
– upload, download, rename, delete, create directory
– copy files within a server (Shift+F5 or F5 with different dirs)
– resume upload and download
– change Unix attributes (chmod)
– synchronize dirs with correct timestamps(!)
– properties of file (STAT command) via Alt+Enter
– command line support for any shell commands
– auto-installer added, will warn about libssh2.dll
– let user choose SCP as copy method
– convert text files to/from Unix format during transfers

Authentication using pageant (client cert in Putty format):
You can now store the key in Putty’s pageant.exe tool. Pageant can be launched when needed by putting a link in the plugin directory named pageant.lnk pointing to c:\PathToPutty\pageant.exe cert_file_name with the name of the client certificate file as a parameter.

Authentication using a client certificate in OpenSSH format:
1. Start puttygen.exe (part of putty installation)
2. Load your Putty key into it
3. Do NOT click on “Save public key”, it creates an
incompatible key! Instead, select the text in the
section “Public key for pasting into OpenSSH…
and press Ctrl+C (=Copy to clipboard)
4. Create a new file with extension .pub (Shift+F4 in
Total Commander) and press Ctrl+V (=Paste)
5. Choose “Export SSH key” from the “Conversions” menu
to save the *.pem file.