Wer den Mantis Bugtracker kennt, der kennt auch das Übersichtsproblem mit der Versions History. Dies Plugin behebt das Problem in dem es eine Inline History anbietet.

Weitere Informationen findet ihr in der Anleitung die ich hier in Teilen mit anbiete.


Adds the ability to display bug history entries intermixed with bugnotes


The plugin requires Mantis version 1.2.0 or higher


  1. Download or clone a copy of the plugin’s code.
  2. Copy the plugin (the InlineHistory/ directory) into your Mantis installation’s plugins/ directory.
  3. While logged into your Mantis installation as an administrator, go to Manage -> Manage Plugins.
  4. In the Available Plugins list, you’ll find the Inline History Viewer plugin; click the Install link.


Just navigate to the View Issue Details page for any issue to view inline history.

Disabling the plugin at user level

Individual users have the possibility of disabling the plugin (i.e. revert to standard MantisBT behavior) by unchecking the relevant option in their preferences (My Account -> Preferences).


Problems or questions dealing with use and installation should be directed to the #mantisbt IRC channel on Freenode.

The latest source code can found on Github.

We encourage you to submit Bug reports and enhancements requests on the Github issues tracker. If you would like to propose a patch, do not hesitate to submit a new Pull Request.