Eigentlich bedarf es hier der Frage: Warum in aller Welt will man den Mantis Bugtracker noch einfacher machen? Aber scheinbar, gibt es diesen Fall wirklich. Dies Plugin ermöglich es.



A MantisBT plugin to make the submission of bugs/feature requests a little bit easier for less IT-skilled users (mantisbt-1.2.x only, so far). Often there’s a problem for „noob-users“ to know what to do with a bugtracker. Even if it is really easy and there is a pictured documentation the users just don’t get it to enter their wishes/feature requests, bugs etc. into the bugtracker. Instead they send you dozens of mails or worse: they call you to tell you about an idea they just got. Even the users goodwilled capitulate seeing a bug tracker interface the first time. From the thinking that any bug-report is better than nothing or doing the user’s work (enter the tickets yourself), this plugin wants to present the reporters an easier flattened bug report form. Everything else stays the same, but the hurdle of entering bugs is lowered significantly!


This plugin uses jQuery to slim down the bug report form, the prior installation of the jQuery-plugin (https://github.com/mantisbt-plugins/jquery) is mandatory!


Copy the folder „EasyEnter“ in your plugin directory and open the plugin management in your Mantis installation. Click „Installation“ and you are done.


From the start there is already a global reasonable configuration for the EasyEnter-plugin set. Nevertheless the configuration could be changed entirely, whether globally or on a per-project base. To open the configuration form, just click on the EasyEnter plugin in the plugin management overview.

Known issues:

  • Fields with array-name like Multiselects, Checkbox-Collections (name=“foo[]“) are not supported correctly (take care at custom fields!)
  • Setting field_values for multiselects, many checkboxes not implemented so far

Next development steps:

  • Using a JS-library for populating form values
  • Check if Mantis‘ code guideline is met everywhere

Contact: Feel free to contact me if you experience any bugs, got questions or similar: Via github https://github.com/fg-ok or mail fg@prae-sensation.de